The Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Table

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The Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table is certainly more of a budget option inversion table.


It works

I’ll start with the good. It does do the job, and many who have purchased this table have been perfectly happy with it. It does look aesthetically pleasing, perhaps even more so than some of the bulkier iron man models. This is part due to the design and part due to the fact it is a little more slender than other tables.

It comes with all the modern features you would expect in an inversion table today, such as padded ankle rollers for your feet, a safety strap used for setting a custom inversion angle (how far back you wish to lie), it folds away, and it’s cheap. Finally, the Body Champ IT8070 boasts that it can cater for users who are up to 6ft 8 tall – this is more than both Ironman and Teeter can handle (6ft 6).

Before rushing ahead and buying it though, have a look at some of the cons. If you are confident that you can put up with them then at least you can make an informed purchase.


Body Champ IT8070 review




Despite being able to hold users who are 6ft 8 tall, the table only has a capacity for users of 250 pounds or less. When compared to Teeter (300 lbs) and Ironman (350 lbs) this isn’t very good. The lighter design also contributes to other negative attributes associated with the IT8070 – you don’t feel as secure on it as you do on the higher priced tables. The inversion isn’t quite as smooth – many users have complained of the jerky motion with which the table inverts backwards. This isn’t a consistent thing, but such a problem at any point is off putting enough when your inverting up-side-down and you require assured security.


Your ankles are locked in place securely, but the design and lack of padding is particularly uncomfortable on your feet. After about 5 minutes your feet will ache – if you purchase this table you will almost certainly have to find some way to ease the pain, such as by wearing multiple pairs of socks and padded shoes, gravity boots, or by placing extra padding on the ankle locks.

Furthermore, the design makes it very difficult for users to un-invert. Many users complain that they need another person present to use this table as they do not feel they can comfortably return to their normal position. If you’re not in great shape, you should definitely consider this.

The last problem mentioned is partly due to the table being imbalanced. The height denotations on the shaft of the table are not 100% accurate – many body champ customers have had issues where they have had to set the table to a different height in order to feel correctly balanced. Further more, the height markings are not engraved into the metal of the machine; they are on a label, which can move around and get scuffed if your altering the table a lot.


Assembly of this table will take you approximately 30 – 45 minutes. The tools included are of a very poor quality and you would be wiser to use your own if you can. The table does fold down (and quite easily) but it still takes up a lot of space, so it’s more than likely you will require space to leave the table out.


You would only be buying this table if you were looking for a budget option. My advice: spend $50 more on an Ironman. Having said that, there are many many customers who have been completely satisfied with the Body Champ IT8070 so perhaps it depends on personal experience and preference. As stated, I’d spend a bit extra and get something of a higher quality (you can get the IFT1000 for $60 more).

Click here to view or purchase the Body Champ IT8070 inversion table on Amazon

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