The Body Max IT6000 Inversion Table

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The Body Max IT6000 Inversion Therapy Table is a table stripped down to the bare essentials. It offers reliability at $110.

Bodymax IT6000 summary


The IT6000 can offer you a smooth rotation and security. It doesn’t feel flimsy or precarious when you’re inverting- something that other budget options such as the Body Champ cannot boast about. (Note however,

Other good points that the IT6000 offers are generally to be expected among modern day inversion tables – it has padded ankle support to lock you in, it can invert the user fully, it has height markings clearly stated for adjustment, etc. You do not need anything else – this will decompress your back and many people have had excellent results. Make sure you have a look at some of the cons below however before you go ahead and purchase this table.


Body Max IT6000


This is the big one with the Body Max IT6000. It is very uncomfortable. Most modern day inversion tables have a foam backrest so you’re comfortable, where as the body max just has a thin layer of material. Many users have had to try and find a comfortable way of using a pillow when inverting. Further to this, the ankle supports are not comfortable. This is common within all inversion tables, but with the Body Max (and to be fair, other budget tables) to a larger extent. If you purchase this table you will definitely need to wear gravity boots, or at least thick socks and trainers.

The weight and height capacity isn’t great either – With a maximum height of 6 ft 3 (when compared to the Body Champs 6ft 8 capacity) and a maximum weight of 250 pounds (compared to ironman’s 350 pounds!)

Just a table

As you would probably expect with such a budget option, there is no room to accessorize this table. The skid prevention mechanism at the bottom of the table is also very basic – more updated tables have more sophisticated systems that give you greater security. The table shouldn’t skid, but you do have a little bit less peace of mind. The table also doesn’t have locking options for different angles, which you can expect even on some budget tables.


Assembly isn’t too difficult, but the tools provided are very flimsy so you should use your own. This is generally the case with other tables too. It is also advisable that you have somebody there to help you when you set up the table as it does take a lot longer with just one pair of hands.


This is a very basic table, and a good option if you wish to test whether an inversion table will help you. If it does, you will more than likely have to upgrade to a better table. It is sturdy and secure, which is the most important thing with an inversion table, but it is also uncomfortable and in some cases difficult to use.

Click here to view or purchase the Body Max IT6000 Inversion Therapy Table on Amazon

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