The Ironman IFT1000 Inversion table

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The Ironman IFT 1000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table comes with the reliability you can expect from Ironman, plus some new, clever features.

Ironman IFT 1000 review

It heats up!

So Ironman have become the first company to produce inversion tables that actually heat up, in bringing out their IFT series. They use Far Infrared Ray Induced heat technology, which is widely known to offer many medical benefits, such as improved blood circulation, tissue repair, easing of muscle spasms and rehabilitation of movement.

The heat on the IFT 1000 is adjusted using a remote, and monitored using an LED display on the back of the table. This has the obvious problem that it is somewhat difficult to adjust when you’re on the table. You can’t see how hot you’re setting it, nor can you see how long you have set the timer for. Further to this, the heat doesn’t spread all over the table like it does with the IFT 4000. Still, it’s a very nice feature – something you’ll definitely appreciate.


Review of the Ironman IFT 1000



Unlike other Ironman tables, the IFT1000 is quite slender. As a result of this, the usual Ironman capacity of 350 pounds isn’t met; this table can only hold a maximum of 275 pounds. Not bad, but if you’re heavier than this, the IFT 4000 would be a better choice. Also, in my opinion the table is let down by the fact it looks a little too “medical,” Again, the IFT4000 doesn’t have this problem. Furthermore, the IFT1000 has a maximum height capacity of 6ft 6, which is standard. If you’re taller than this, have a look at the The Body Champ IT8070  (although that table isn’t nearly as good as this).

Comfortable and Durable

As you might expect from Ironman, the table is comfortable, secure and durable. The ankle holders are still uncomfortable, but as far as inversion tables go they aren’t bad at all. The IFT1000 also has extra long foam covered handles, side pockets for accessories and it is very well balanced. It provides a smooth inversion. On the downside, it doesn’t come with skid prevention stabilizers, or handles at the bottom so you can fully stretch when you’re inverted.


The instructions are a little small but you shouldn’t have too much trouble setting this up. We always advise using your own tools if possible as more often than not the tools provided are very flimsy. Finally, don’t expect to be able to fold this table down often as it is difficult to do so – make sure you have a nice space for it where you can keep it out.


An excellent table for the price. Missing quite a bit that the IFT 4000 and some of the better Teeter tables have, but if you’re looking for a table under $200 this is as good as it gets. It is also definitely preferable over buying a budget table for $60 less. You’ll definitely be happy with this table.

Click here to view or purchase the Ironman IFT1000 inversion table on Amazon

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