The Ironman IFT4000 Inversion table

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The Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table is a genuine contender for the top spot on Reviewed Inversion Tables.

Ironman IFT 4000 review

It heats up!

Ironman have become the first company to produce inversion tables that actually heat up, in bringing out their IFT series. They use Far Infrared Ray Induced heat technology, which is widely known to offer many medical benefits, such as improved blood circulation, tissue repair, easing of muscle spasms and rehabilitation of movement.

The heat on the IFT 4000 is adjusted using a remote, and monitored using an LED display on the back of the table. This has the obvious problem that it is somewhat difficult to adjust when you’re on the table. You can’t see how hot you’re setting it, nor can you see how long you have set the timer for. The IFT4000 heats up all over your backrest, unlike the IFT1000, and you will notice the difference.

Review of the Ironman IFT 4000

Appearance and comfort

Similar to other traditional ironman models, the IFT4000 is big and strong. It can hold the usual (for ironman) 350 pounds, and accomodate users who are up to 6ft 6 tall. It is much bulkier than the slender IFT1000, but in my opinion it looks a lot better. It is, in fact, probably the most stylish table on the market.

Not only this, it is very comfortable. The table also comes with back and head support, which ironman boast produces better air circulation. It’s certainly a very comfy design. The ankle holders are still uncomfortable, but as far as inversion tables go they are very good – plus this table has ironman’s patented ratchet gear system, which is simply a button you push to release your ankles. Much better than having to lean down.

The IFT4000 also has extra long foam covered handles, side pockets for accessories and it is very well balanced. It provides a smooth inversion. Finally, unlike the IFT1000, the IFT4000 does have non-skid floor stabilizers to offer greater security, and handles you can grip for an even greater stretch.


Assembly isn’t too difficult and will take about 30 – 40 minutes. We always recommend both having a helper present and also using your own tools when you can, as most tools you receive with any inversion tables will be flimsy.  The table does fold away, but due to it’s size and design doing so is difficult – we generally advise with most tables (especially this) you would be better off just finding a space for it and leaving it out.


The IFT4000 is a luxury inversion table, it looks the part and more importantly it does the job. If you’re looking at buying this table, you’re probably between it and one of the Teeter models. Both are very good buys and you can’t go far wrong  with either. You should base your purchase on whether you feel you will benefit more from the comfort and infrared technology offered by Ironman, or the flexibility, accessories, and the warranty offered by Teeter.

Click here to view or purchase the Ironman IFT4000 inversion table on Amazon

You can see a video of the Ironman IFT 4000 in action below.

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